Spotlight Background

Fall 2017 - Robert Savage

With my sights on a Bachelors in Aeronautical Sciences, minoring in Business, I plan to work in the corporate aviation sector. Since I was five years of age, I set my sights on flying as a career. Every day I would pour over research material, documentaries, and historical works having to deal with aviation. I was fascinated in particular by the Wright Brothers, moved by their dogged persistence to make their dreams come true. For my tenth birthday, my father and I were taken up in a Cessna Skyhawk for the first time, which was my first memorable experience with the skies. I can still remember the surprise on the pilot's face when he was corrected on his own introductory lesson on the control surfaces and the Four Fundamentals of flight. Later on, I would find myself enrolling in a program known as A.C.E. (Aviation Career Education) Academy, entering a year under the age requirements and broadening my previously limited horizons as I learned about all the impressive and astonishing fields that had to deal with the skies that I love. By then, it had been my ultimate goal to join the elite group of men and women that were known as "pilots".

Through the hardships of being in a family of eight, living paycheck to paycheck, that dream remained unchanged. However, financial tribulation still plagues my family, like so many other Americans, making my dream a very costly one. Despite the complications and expenses my family has had to deal with in recent years, my beloved parents have made great sacrifices to allow me to follow my dream and go to the most prestigious aeronautical university in the world.

This last semester and the following weeks of the current spring semester have made a great impact on me as a person. Furthermore, I believe I am a far better person than I was than before I left for Embry-Riddle. The experiences that I have gained from attending this great and marvelous university will remain with me until my dying breath. Everything from flying Cessna 172 Skyhawk Nav III to the weather classes that I looked forwards to every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, has had an impact on the way that I see the world.

I know, thanks to Embry-Riddle, that the world is a breathtaking and large place, filled with all sorts of adventures waiting to be had. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that, not only is this career field the best I could have chosen, but Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is the only place that I can call my second home. As a result of this, I want nothing more than to continue living my dreams to the fullest and continue to attend Embry-Riddle. This scholarship, like many, is one way that I can help keep the burden off of my parents' backs, to at least begin to give back for raising me to be a strong and determined individual. It is very likely that I will not be able to sustain the amount of funds Embry-Riddle requires of its flight students, meaning that attaining scholarships and grants is imperative in allowing me to continue my dream and lifelong goal of becoming a pilot.