Spotlight Background

Spring 2011 - Bajel Markland

I want to share with you that the 2012 Cale Kastanek scholar is Bajel Markland, a freshman enrolled in the Aeronautical Science program from Connecticut.  An outstanding student with a 3.7 GPA, Bajel is an active member of his church, the National Honor Society and the Pathfinder Club.  Below is an excerpt from his essay:

“I am a dreamer. I write this day to share with you a dream. Dream, “A strongly desired goal or purpose” defines the Webster dictionary. When we were all kids we would stare at the stars as our tiny minds dreamt of all the limitless possibilities we wished, oh so desperately to live. No one could destroy the window of hope that lied within our hearts and minds. We clutched, we grasped, and we seized our dreams as we anticipated, that one day we would live them in reality. The word dream brings me back to so many nights twirling in bed dreaming of the day I’ll soar. For hours I wasted precious amounts of sleep just to bring my fixation alive, just to taste what it could be like to be a pilot. Countless days I’d find myself day dreaming of that day of which I’d take flight. A passion so strong it developed willpower, endurance, and a love for aviation. I am a dreamer. I could remember when I was about thirteen, I had went on a trip to England, there I realized my ultimate goal of one day flying the Boeing 777. I was over whelmed with excitement when I received the opportunity to visit the cockpit and have a talk with the captain as I sat in his seat. Those memories will never be forgotten, it only fueled the fire. Jet fuel of course! I could never remember a clear memory of how my love for aviation came about.”